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Our website serves as an informative resource for Harbor View Estates residents, and our local community.
Neighborhood News & Notes


Welcome to our Website!

For assistance during business hours, please contact Nanci Hawkins at 208-765-5600.  Dial 9-1-1 for Fire, Medical or Police Emergencies.  Should you need urgent HOA assistance after hours, contact David Childs at 775-303-5063. 


News Flash!  Gate Repairs & Maintenance
The gates were held open following a power outage on August 27th, because the inbound gate was not operating.  The outage occurred while Russ Varney was on vacation, so he and Alan Jenkins coordinated via telephone and diagnosed the problem as being a dead battery.  Because two suppliers were unable to provide batteries without seeing ours first, and said it would take a few days turn-around time, it was decided to proceed with repairs internally after the holiday.
Al and Russ repaired the system on September 4th, and the following was accomplished: all operator batteries were replaced, including button batteries for the system boards; and original drive belts were replaced with ones we had in stock.  (9/5)
News Flash!  Backlit Keypad & Buttons
The DoorKing System was upgraded the same day with the installation of a backlit keypad and operating buttons, and outdated wiring was removed from the system.  The new wiring was incorporated into looms with existing wiring to keep them safe and organized.  
This was an inexpensive upgrade that will greatly improve nighttime use for folks entering gate codes or contacting residents.  This work was also done internally.  Use this link to view a photo of the enhancement. (9/5)
Board's September Message

Our Directors have released their latest monthly message.  Please click here or choose the link in the Navigation Column.  (9/13) 



There have been numerous cougar sightings in our neighborhood.  It is recommended to not walk alone, keep dogs on leashes, make noise while walking, be cautious at dawn and dusk when cougars are most active, and do not feed wildlife.  

In the unlikely event of a cougar encounter, it will most likely retreat.  Always give wild animals a way to escape, maintain direct eye contact and appear as large as possible, pick up children and hold them without bending, slowly back away, never run, and fight back if necessary.



Harbor View Estates does not have authority to control operation of drones in our community, which are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration.  We are providing a link to the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems website for further information.  Complaints regarding unlawful operation of drones should be referred to the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office. 



Year-to-date financial statements (P&L and Balance Sheet) for the period ending last month are usually available on-line within a 10 business days.  Please visit the 'Financials' page to view or download a copy.



Visit the 'Board Messages' page to view or download messages from your Board. 



All regularly scheduled Meetings are held at the Mica Flats Grange (Hwy #95 & Kidd Island Road) at 6:00 PM.  The dates are: February 6, April 10, June 12, August 14, October 9, and December 11.  Our next Annual Membership Meeting & Election is tentatively scheduled for March 5th, 2019, at 7:00 PM.

If you wish to to be heard at a meeting, please submit a request to be on the agenda no later than ten days in advance to provide time for researching your topic.  Draft agendas will be posted on the 'Upcoming Meeting Agenda' page, and at the mail kiosk, approximately ten days in advance.  Final agendas will be posted several days in advance. 



Draft copies of Meeting Minutes are usually available on-line ten days after the meeting.  Visit the 'Minutes' page to view or download a copy.  Finals will be posted after BOD approval at the next scheduled meeting.



The Mica Kidd Island Fire District, in accordance with State and Federal Regulations, encourages installation of Emergency 911 signs at all homes within Harbor View Estates.  They are available for residents in the district at no cost, and are blue metal with reflective number decals on both sides.  If you would like a sign, or have questions, please contact their office at 208-769-7946. 



The Idaho Fish and Game Department discourages supple-mental feeding of big game (deer, elk, moose), and Harbor View Estates supports this policy.  Click here to view an IF&G publication on this topic.




The HVE Water & Sewer District is a separate entity, and is not affiliated with our HOA.  They release annual 'Consumer Quality Reports' to provide details of where our water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies.  Their latest report is available here.

The District has requested our support to mitigate operational costs by being careful what you discard in the sewer system.  An informative flyer 'What Not to Flush' is available here Flushing items other than body waste and toilet paper adds thousands of dollars to operational costs, paid for by each of us. 

Contacts: Office, 208-765-5600; George Ford, Supt., 208-964-0131; and Corrine, 208-661-7866. 



The boat dock, located just off the Harbor View Estates community beach, is not a part of our HOA.  The boat slips and dock are owned and maintained by a separate entity, the Harbor View Boat Association.  Their membership consists of both Harbor View Estates and Stevens Point Estates property owners.  Please respect their property rights by not trespassing on the dock. 

Membership in the boat association (i.e., ownership of slip interest) may, from time to time, become available to HVE and SPE owners.  Interested parties may contact the boat association at 208-666-1930 or 208-664-9198.